Tips for Repurposing Your Candle Jars

The Wordy Girl 5/23 9:54A The Wordy Girl
It’s no secret that I have an obsession with candles. I always have one burning and I m 100 percent loyal to these brands: Diptyque, Nest, The post Tips for Repurposing Your Candle Jars appeared first...

Read This: Darling Rose Gold

The Wordy Girl 5/19 4:21A The Wordy Girl
Munchausen syndrome by proxy portrayed at its very best served on a plate of twisted revenge? I m all in. Imagine living your 18 years of The post Read This: Darling Rose Gold appeared first on The...

25 Things with Gil Dezer

The Wordy Girl 5/14 5:24A The Wordy Girl
He s changing Miami s skyline — one skyscraper at a time. He s the very definition of a bon vivant. He s an inventor (Google Dezervator ). And has The post 25 Things with Gil Dezer appeared first on...

The Sneaker You Need to Know

The Wordy Girl 5/12 10:56A The Wordy Girl
Maria you NEED this sneaker in your life. Everyone — including the instructors — in my Tracy Anderson workouts wear them. They take some getting The post The Sneaker You Need to Know appeared first on...

My New LBB (Little Black Bikini)

The Wordy Girl 5/10 4:12A The Wordy Girl
I am so guilty of buying this LBB (little black bikini) after it incessantly popped up in Instagram feed. I cannot be the only person The post My New LBB (Little Black Bikini) appeared first on The...

Cook This: Slow Cooker Crack Chicken

The Wordy Girl 5/9 3:41A The Wordy Girl
It s easy. It contains only three ingredients (if you hold the bacon and chives). It s easy. Did I already mention that? Ha! One of my The post Cook This: Slow Cooker Crack Chicken appeared first on...

IT Girl 411: Allegra Fanjul Garcia-Velez

The Wordy Girl 5/1 3:45A The Wordy Girl
In my honest opinion, quintessential Palm Beach aesthetic and Allegra Fanjul Garcia-Velez are synonymous with one another. No one nails tropical style quite like my The post IT Girl 411: Allegra...

Read This: My Dark Vanessa

The Wordy Girl 4/30 4:39A The Wordy Girl
Shoutout to my gal pal Allegra of for this recommendation. I started My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell and ate it up due The post Read This: My Dark Vanessa appeared first on...

Cook This: Eggplant Parm

The Wordy Girl 4/27 11:43A The Wordy Girl
Seeking a savory and cheesy vegetarian dish? Eggplant parm hits all the marks in my book. But before firing up the oven, I take the The post Cook This: Eggplant Parm appeared first on The Wordy Girl...

Tiger King and Tie Dye: A Love Story

The Wordy Girl 4/24 9:10A The Wordy Girl
If you don’t wear tie dye and watch Tiger King are you even quarantining? The was a rhetorical question, obviously. I have been legit living in The post Tiger King and Tie Dye: A Love Story appeared...

The 411 on Kim Kardashian’s Fave Foundation

The Wordy Girl 4/21 1:29P The Wordy Girl
Seeing as I recently defeated Netflix, I decided to jump into viewing makeup tutorials on YouTube because — quarantine life. Personalities such as James Charles The post The 411 on Kim Kardashian s...

Cook This: Quiche Lorraine

The Wordy Girl 4/15 6:19A The Wordy Girl
Now that I am cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family (#QuarantineLife), I decided to add Quiche Lorraine to the mix. And I swear The post Cook This: Quiche Lorraine appeared first on The...

THE Blogger Lighting Hack

The Wordy Girl 4/12 11:39A The Wordy Girl
I m about to spill the tea on one of the biggest blogger/influencer hacks: Bomb lighting. Yes, a flawless complexion can be yours with proper lighting The post THE Blogger Lighting Hack appeared first...

Cook This: Lasagna

The Wordy Girl 4/10 10:20A The Wordy Girl
When I stumbled upon the Barilla Oven-Ready Lasagne at my local grocer, I was both mind blown and intrigued. How does the pasta cook? How The post Cook This: Lasagna appeared first on The Wordy Girl...

Read This: The Gifted School

The Wordy Girl 4/10 6:33A The Wordy Girl
We all have that one friend who feels their child is gifted and constantly brags about how amazing said child s chess and cello skills are. The post Read This: The Gifted School appeared first on The...
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