Florida board bans public funding for diversity programs at state universities

Florida Education News-South Florida Sun Sentinel 1/24 11:50A The Associated Press
TALLAHASSEE — The board that oversees Florida s 12 public universities voted Wednesday to ban using state or federal dollars for diversity programs or activities, aligning with a law signed last spring by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. The state...

Young Democrats form new PAC to mobilize young voters in Florida

Florida Education News-South Florida Sun Sentinel 1/23 9:56P Anthony Man
Young Florida Democrats hope they’ve discovered a way to help reverse their party’s fortunes and win more elections in Florida: themselves. They’ve formed a new political action committee Florida Future Leaders, a vehicle they intend to use to...

Sagemont Prep, Park Maitland deny control by China, appeal voucher suspensions

Florida Education News-South Florida Sun Sentinel 1/23 7:37A Leslie Postal
The highly rated private schools yanked from Florida s voucher programs in September immediately appealed their suspensions, denying Gov. Ron DeSantis accusations that they had direct ties to communist China that threatened student safety. But...

Florida House moves to repeal rarely used scholarships for bullied students

Florida Education News-South Florida Sun Sentinel 1/19 4:42A Leslie Postal
A controversial and little-used state voucher program that aims to help bullied students should be repealed, Florida House lawmakers say, with those using the program offered scholarships through Florida s other, popular voucher initiatives. Only...

Zika virus could treat childhood cancer, Nemours researchers find

Florida Education News-South Florida Sun Sentinel 1/19 4:27A Caroline Catherman
Zika, a virus made infamous in Florida nine years ago through countless South America travel advisories about its potential dangers, may actually do some good. A recent Nemours’ Children’s Health study on mice found that the virus has the...

Broward’s school calendar proposal returns the start date to Aug. 19

Florida Education News-South Florida Sun Sentinel 1/19 2:04A Scott Travis
Broward students may avoid getting a shortened summer break and a few longer school days during the next school year, but that could change in 2025. The Broward School Board will be asked Tuesday to reconsider a calendar that starts the school...

Teaching Main Idea in 4th Grade

Teaching in the Heart of Florida 1/14 6:00P Rissa
By Rissa Hanneken Updated January 15, 2024 When teaching main idea in 4th grade, keeping students engaged and motivated with nonfiction texts can be challenging. Unlike fiction, nonfiction may not...
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